Jazz-Kolo is a project designed to support Ukrainian jazz, aimed at uniting musicians and developing Ukrainian improvisational music.

The best forces of the country's musical elite are invited to the project, creating a new, unexpected, interesting musical product, which is captured on audio and video, and is making up the archive of domestic jazz music.

The project was founded in 2007. Igor Zakus is the initiator, organizer and active participant of the Jazz Kolo Concert Series, which runs successfully in Kyiv and beyond. All concerts are recorded on audio and video. Zakus is the producer of 25 releases, both CDs, and the first in Ukraine DVDs with recordings of the best Ukrainian jazz musicians.

Jazz Kolo, having brought together the best Ukrainian musicians, performed the first season (2007-2010) at the Ukrainian House. 20 great concerts, gave a beautiful collection of 15 DVD and 16 CDs of authorial jazz music, published a kind of anthology (5 CD compilations) of Ukrainian instrumentalists and gathered around a large audience of fans and intellectuals. And it earned itself well for them ' I.

This time the project is supported by the magazine "Ukrainian Week" in the club format. And the creative space "The magazine" is the best place for "Jazz-cola". Here is a small and comfortable hall, a beautiful sound, delicious coffee and everything you need to communicate with the thinking. people. In such places, jazz lives, he is the best.

2013-2014years - Jazz-Kolo presents in the magazine "Monthly" thematic concert programs of jazz music, presenting various jazz styles and trends, from blues, swing and funk to reggae and ethno. Each program is devoted to a separate style, or the direction of musicians, invited by Igor Zakus to the program are considered to be the best in this genre or style of music. Created 10 concert programs in different genres, improvised music and created 20 music programs (Blues Kolo, Swing Kolo, Ballad Kolo ... and others)

Since September 2014, the Jazz-Kolo project receives a new status, concept and place of residence. Thanks to Roman Nedelsky (head of the palace "Ukraine"), the project is conducting concerts in the small hall of the "Ukraine" Palace, a beautiful concert venue with excellent technical capabilities. This time, it's concert programs that are fundamentally different in terms of musical ideas, musicians and orientations. All of them are recorded on audio and video carriers and are really successful.

Jazz-Kolo is another attempt to organize and stimulate Ukrainian jazz. "Circle" includes the best jazzmen of Ukraine. Today performed and recorded concerts are broadcasted on radio and television on TV channels , which popularizes Ukrainian jazz. And this is a necessary condition for the life of jazz in Ukraine and the presence of our country in the cultural European space.

From September 2017 to June 2018 Jazz Kolo hosted 5 international music projects, in which musicians from Poland, Austria, Germany, Cuba and Hungary played their own improvised music with Ukrainian musicians.

During the last two seasons (2016-2018), Jazz Kolo conducted 11 jazz all-Ukrainian young performers' contests, which rises to the surface, stimulates and develops our talented youth.

There is also an idea, as a result of 5 international music projects, to create a real Ukrainian Jazz Kolo elitist jazz festival each year with its special face, concept and idea with the participation of the best Ukrainian and European musicians, joint musicians, the formation of the face of Ukrainian jazz and presentation in the international music space. .

Another idea is to hold international music workshops or master classes under the Jazz Kolo project with an invitation to teach well-known Ukrainian and European musicians.